Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Hydrating Body Lotion Review

hey everyone, today I would love to share a small review on my recently found love … Well I’m obsessed with body lotions , love collecting them every brand in every color:) Image

Ingredients:- (see pic) Image

Description:- (see pic ) Image

Price: $20 

My experience:-

To begin with I have been using this for quite some time. I suffer from extremely dry skin which tends to look unhealthy if I don’t moisturize it well . So I make it a point to stock on anything and everything that says hydration:p coming to this product I feel it does a pretty good job of quenching my skins thirst. As you can see it comes in a pretty travel friendly bottle, it smells extremely fruits like that of berries. I would say the smell is very overpowering and can affect sensitive noses. This lotion lasts a good 4+ hours after which I see my skin getting back to dry 😦 .Image

What I like about this !! 

  • Nice smell
  • Good hydration 
  • Lasts 4+ hours 
  • Travel friendly bottle

What I don’t like about this : 

  • Wish it wasn’t so berry smelling kinda gets irritating 
  • Not long lasting 
  • Has parabens 😦 Image

My rating : 3/5 

Conclusion: you can skip this and still find something worth your money …:) 


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