How to wash hair the correct way :)

Hey lovelies, so today I will be sharing my hair wash technique.How beautiful and smooth our hair looks is a mere reflection of our personal hygiene and well being.So here I bring to you a list of dos and don’ts I have been following religiously. It did make a lot of difference and I am quite satisfied.Hope you finds this useful.


STEPS I Follow

  1. Comb hair with a wide toothed hair comb. This will de-tangle your mane without causing much damage and ensuring your cleansing is much more effective.
  2. Use warm(not too hot) water to rinse your hair. It helps to open the scalp pores and scale like cuticles on our hair and thereby would help in removing dirt and oil from our scalp and hair.
  3. Next take some shampoo in your palm, mix it with little water and apply it evenly onto your scalp and hair strands. It is always best to avoid putting shampoo directly onto your scalp.
  4. Now work up a lather and use your fingers to massage your scalp gently. Do not do it aggressively as hair is prone to damage and breakage when wet. This helps get rid of dirt,oil and dandruff if any.Also proper massaging helps increase blood circulation.
  5. Rinse off shampoo completely till a clear stream of water flows.
  6. Repeating shampoo procedure will not help as it makes hair more dry so avoid doing that.
  7. Next take a dollop of conditioner. A conditioner is equally important for your hair care routine. Apply it along your hairline to the ends. Do not apply on your scalp.
  8. Wait for a good 5-10 minutes before washing it off completely.
  9. Use a good hair mask at least once a week to nourish your hair.Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse this off well as masks are responsible for product build ups.
  10. For the last rinse use cold water as this really helps making your hair shiny and helps close scalp pores and cuticles.
  11. Ditch the towel and instead use a t-shirt to dry your hair. This helps reducing frizz to a great extent.
  12. Let your hair dry naturally, try avoiding heat from dryers as much as possible.
  13. Final steps would be to apply a dollop of leave-on conditioners or serums.

Hope these steps help you get a smoother and healthier mane πŸ™‚ In following post to come I will be sharing the products I have been using. Until then stay tuned. Tc.


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