Review:- Za True White Toner

Okay so I am almost reaching a 100 followers, a few more to go and a giveaway will be conducted ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay Tuned loves.

Before getting on to the review, I have already reviewed the Za True White Cleansing Foam Here.

I would like to state that currently Za is giving a lot of freebies(check my haul here),I got samples, along with a free full sized product. I also got a free clutch bag.It was a good thing i have been aware of such schemes, else the SA wasnt very keen on giving me my free stuffs until I had asked for it,so do keep this in mind gals ๐Ÿ˜› As You can see the image below, I got a free exfoliating clay.

Za True White Toner

Za True White Toner

Za True White Toner Review

Za True White Toner Review

Getting on to today’s review, I am glad i got a chance to purchase such a toner. Been using this along with the products from the same range. I have to say that i am quite impressed with how they work well together. This toner was purchased as a part of my CTM routine change.Read on to know more.

Za True White Toner Review

Za True White Toner Review

Price : Rs 699 for 150 ml ย | ย Buy online at

Ingredients:- (Check pic)

Za True White Toner Review

Za True White Toner Review

My Experience:-ย 

The Za True White toner comes well packaged in a white, spill-proof bottle. The packaging is a bit bulky considering the weight it comes with.To begin with, my skin is extremely dry with occasional breakouts. I have never felt the need to buy a toner until the SA at Za counter impressed me with a demo of this toner.

It has a mild floral-alcoholic fragrance.Always thought that a toner having alcohol would dry my skin even more and make it break out even more , but this toner does exactly the opposite. Even though this has alcohol and smells highly like alcohol, it fails to dry out my skin. At first I was really surprised as it left my skin feeling more supple and hydrated ,but after each use it felt much better.ย This is definitely better suited for normal to dry/combination skin types.

I haven’t seen any noticeable difference as far as the whitening claims go but I find it hydrating and refreshing during the colder months like monsoon when my skin begins to get drier.

Za True White Toner Review

Za True White Toner Review

My Rating:- 4/5 (-1 for alcohol content & price)

Overall Verdict:-ย 

The Za True White Toner is a good buy as long as you do not mind the alcohol present in it. As far as whitening claims are concerned, I have not noticed anything as such so far. Although the presence of alcohol, it makes skin fresh and hydrated. It works /sinks into the skin much better when used along with the cleanser from the same range. Skin feels soft and supple after continued usage. This toner is priced at RS 699 which is a bit more for just a toner.

hope you find this review helpful enough ๐Ÿ™‚


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