How To Apply Liquid Foundation

Today will be sharing with you guys another fun post of how to apply your liquid foundation. I know that liquid foundations make skin look much better and more supple and dewy looking. I love how my dry skin works the best with it 🙂 Let us see some easy ways to make any liquid foundation application right.

To increase the longevity of any makeup tool always keep them in a hygienic condition and remember to clean the brushes and sponges well after use. Hope the ways mentioned below helps.

  1. Using a BeautyBlender Sponge


Frankly Speaking, I just love my BeautyBlender Sponge, It makes my foundation look much better as compared to using my fingertips or makeup brushes.At first I had a hard time getting used to it but later on I could not stop using it 😛 …I cant do without this in my makeup routine. Nowadays blending sponges are doing rounds on most beauty blogs and in videos. I feel this sponge is way better than the others out there in the market. It is always best to invest in something good rather than going all crazy.

2)Using Cosmetics Wedges

Cosmetic Wedges

Cosmetic Wedges

These wedges can be a cheaper alternative to the BeautyBlender. Lately I invested in some from a brand called Basicare, i would say they did the job well but not upto the mark of the BeautyBlender. Although you can achieve a flawless look with this one too.

One of the best qualities of these wedges is that they do not absorb the product. The triangle cut in the wedge is used to reach out the hard-to-reach and smaller areas. These are best suitable for liquid application especially liquid foundation. The shape of the wedges allows it to reach under the eye and around nose perfectly. Besides reaching out smaller areas it also minimizes the wastage of product. Wedges absorb less and give you the ability to apply right amount of makeup in every application.

3)Using Foundation Brushes 

As you can see from the picture below, you can make out how a typical face brush works.

  • Using a flat top kabuki brush is also one of the great options if you are going with liquid foundation. This brush not only blends in the foundation neatly but also gives that perfect flawless look which few sponges fail to do. By damping some foundation on the back of your hand you can use it in circular motions on the face. The advantage of using a flat top kabuki brush is that it never leaves any lines or foundation patches on skin. Instead it blends the application evenly on face. Besides using a flat top kabuki brush for liquid foundation you can also use the brush for crème foundations, mineral cosmetics or even translucent powders. So definitely it’s worth investing in a kabuki brush for its multipurpose use and advantage. While choosing a kabuki brush always look for good quality bristles that are soft, dense and synthetic. As the key to great looking makeup are the bristles itself.
  • When someone tells you about a foundation brush this is the brush you often picture in your mind. Paddle brush is the classic foundation brush. You can use the paddle brush to paint the foundation and it is mostly used in up and down manner. The other way of using a paddle brush is by dotting foundation on face and blending it from the center of face working outwards. It helps in blending the foundation smoothly without the need of applying pressure. This comes in a paddle shape synthetic fiber with a long handle. While buying a paddle brush always look for bristles that are synthetic, firm, secure and dense.
  1. foundation brushes

    foundation brushes

    4) Using Finger Tips.

The easiest way to apply a foundation is with your very own fingertips. If you are a beginner or if you aren’t comfortable using a sponge or brush to apply the foundation you can go ahead and apply the liquid foundation using your fingertips. There is nothing wrong in using the fingertips. You can pour some amount of foundation on to a dish or you can treat the back of your hand as a palette to apply the foundation. You can then dip your fingers in the foundation and begin to dab small dots all over your face and blend the foundation in circular motion. While using fingertips you always press the foundation into your skin for an even looking color and natural glow.

  1. thats it for today, hope you guys find this useful enough in your makeup routine 🙂

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