D’Free Anti-Dandruff Overnight Lotion Review

Hey everyone, my weekend was so busy, had so many errands to complete before I finally got the time to write this post. I also visited a skin specialist to treat my bacne 😦 I will keep you guys updated with that :(…

D'Free Anti-Dandruff Overnight Lotion Review

D’Free Anti-Dandruff Overnight Lotion Review

Recently while browsing through Amazon , I came across this product which claims to eliminate dandruff quickly from the first use itself. In my last post I had reviewed Nizoral which was a bummer only due to the hair fall it caused. Luckily my hair fall subsided and I decided to give this product a try. I do not have a major dandruff problem but I do have those days when I see flakes, now since it’s Monsoon I began seeing those flakes again 😦 ….Not a huge problem though but I hate it , I mean who wouldn’t ?

D'Free Anti-Dandruff Overnight Lotion Review

D’Free Anti-Dandruff Overnight Lotion Review

D'Free Anti-Dandruff Overnight Lotion Review

D’Free Anti-Dandruff Overnight Lotion Review


INR 200 for 100 ml. Shell Life:- 2 years.   Buy It Here.


  • Clinically Proven Revolutionary Overnight Lotion that stays on and  works on your  scalp, to treat and help prevent dandruff.
  • Unique Anti Recurrence formula with 3 power ingredients: Climbazole, Piroctone Olamine, ZPTO.
  • Dermatologically Tested for Safety.
  • Does not cause hair damage like harsh anti dandruff shampoos, leaves hair healthy and soft.
  • Apply lotion in the night all over scalp. Wash off with a gentle shampoo the next morning.
  • Use at least twice a week.



My Experince

Packaging : D’Free Anti Dandruff Lotion comes in a flat purple bottle with a green twist-up cap. It comes with a small mouth nozzle opening which helps in fuss-free application. All the important product related information is provided on the bottle and a leaflet is also provided with the detailed information. The packaging is sturdy and leakage-proof, so you can easily carry it while traveling.

Texture & Fragrance : The anti-dandruff solution comes in a white color and has a runny lotion like texture. It has a strong kind of fragrance which I don’t like, it literally gives me a headache.It smells like parachute hair cream but it is way stronger than that and lasts until you get the product out.

Efficacy : I have used for say about 2 weeks, I usually apply this at night and wash it off with my normal Tresemme Cleanser the next morning. . The pointed nozzle tip dispenses the fluid evenly on the scalp without much wastage. It gives a slight tingling sensation to the scalp when applied. After applying this , I massage my scalp using fingers to make sure the lotion. It comes off  easily without leaving any residue behind. It has reduced the dandruff & itching on the scalp. I’m using this D’Free Anti Dandruff Lotion twice a week as written on the product. No doubt it reduced my dandruff up to certain extent but I’m not sure wether it will prevent the dandruff recurrence or not. It is very mild and I’ve not seen any hair fall or damage to my scalp. It is affordable and quite effective, so I don’t mind using it for a few more months to see whether it really prevents dandruff recurrence.

the good

  • Convenient to use bottle with a nozzle mouth for the fuss-free application.
  • Doesn’t stain pillows.
  • Can be removed easily with a mild shampoo.
  • Effective in reducing dandruff for up to certain extent.
  • Doesn’t cause hair fall.
  • Affordable and easily available online.
  • Value for money.
  • This 100ml bottle can last up to 30 usages.
  • Enriched with ZPTO, Climbazole & Piroctone Olamine which are known to fight dandruff.
  • Effective Remedy for dandruff temporary

the bad

  • That annoying fragrance.
  • makes scalp sticky
  • may not prevent recurrence of dandruff
  • need to apply it regularly to be effective

the ugly

  • Has Parabens
  • Has lots of other chemicals

My Rating:-My Rating4


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