Review:- The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Dry Oil

Recently my trip to TBS made me spend way too much money again 😛 …I could not resist buying this product after testing it out. If you have read my post about Leg Makeup , you will understand how much I love doing it on a regular basis. I have been long waiting to try this product but could not as i already have Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs Makeup Spray. But after I tested it out in the shop I realised this was a product to die for.

Review:- The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Dry Oil

Review:- The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Dry Oil


Rs 1995 for 100ml. Buy It Here


It contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia and beeswax from Cameroon to moisturize. The key ingredient mentioned is Organic Honey.


This lightweight body oil gives skin an even bronzed look with a hint of shimmer.
• Honey-bronze glow
• Tan-enhancing shimmer
• Non-greasy finish


Review:- The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Dry Oil

Review:- The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Dry Oil

My Experince

Firstly, I am not a big fan of using oils on my body, especially in summers, but this product grabbed my attention as it says “Honey Bronze Dry Oil,” so I liked the concept of dry oil. Transparent glass bottle packaging looks nice and attractive. The product from outside looks as if gold shimmer is mixed with  oil. However, the oil and shimmer tends to separate, so before using, shake the bottle so that the product gets mixed well and gives you the benefit of both moisturizing bronzing oil and golden shimmer. The smell of the product is a little overwhelming for me, but now, I am used to it. It is floral but oddly strong.Pour the product as required on your palm and massage in circular motion to get the best effect. It gives a very subtle bronzy shimmer look when applied. Dry oil does sink into the skin quickly, but I feel on a very hot and humid day, this product does feel sticky and takes a lot of time to get absorbed. On such days, give this product enough time to sink in completely . This product enhances your existing tan and works as a quick body bronze. It also acts as a skin care product as it has Brazil nut oil from Peru and beeswax from Cameroon.Can’t say how effective this product would be on darker skin tones as the final color is really subtle.


Review:- The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Dry Oil

Review:- The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Dry Oil

the good

  • Easy and quick way of getting even toned body with a light shimmer.
  • Great product for women who like a bronzed, tanned look.
  • Nice shimmery glow in summers.
  • Extends the life of the existing tan.
  • Color is subtle, good for everyday use.
  • Nice packaging.

the bad

  • It takes time to get absorbed into the skin on hot and humid days.
  • It can spoil your clothing if worn immediately.
  • People with very oily skin can avoid this.
  • Very strong smell.
  • Pricey.

the ugly

  • It gets very sticky in hotter climates

My Rating:- 

My Rating4

I will definetely purchase this product again if I can ever finish this or if I can’t find a better replacement 🙂 Highly recommend this for good leg makeup 🙂


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