Ways To Use Beer In Your Beauty Regime

After learning that everyone swears by beer to fix their hair problems, I started trying out new ways to use it in my beauty regime (using anything edible in your beauty regime being the big trend in the beauty world these days). I was surprised how multifunctional beer can be. Plus, you can even use leftovers from a party (which is both economical and ecological!) or weird experimental (read cheap) brews lying at the back of the fridge. Something, unheard of in the beauty world where only quality makes a product sell.


1.) To Get Rid of any Residue Build-Up:  Overtime residue hair care products can build up on your hair. Beer helps to remove hair residue build-up. Simply combine six tablespoons of beer and one cup of tepid water. Use this as a final rinse after washing and conditioning your hair to remove residue build-up.


2.) Make Your Own Beer Shampoo:  Beer in your shampoo will not only add a fun twist to your otherwise boring routine of washing hair, but also help to get rid of any leftover build up and add life and shine to flat lifeless hair. It is a wonderful cure for dry and flaky scalp as well.

To make one, you will need:

1.) Beer( any kind mostly flat will do)

2.) Your favourite shampoo (mine is the TRESemme one .)
3.) Saucepan.


1.) Heat a cup of beer into a saucepan and bring it to boil until ¼ of the original quantity is left. This will remove the alcohol which has a drying effect on hair.
2.) Let the leftover beer cool then and mix it with a cup of your shampoo afterwards.



3.) To Condition, Lighten, and Soften Hair:  I sometimes wash my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar and beer and chamomile tea make great conditioners to lighten, and add shine to my hair. Just pour some leftover beer through your hair, wash any residual beer with water and then pour a cup of cold chamomile tea over your hair. This will help give a highlighted look to your hair and even get rid of any residual beer smell.

4.) To Soften Tired Feet: Endless walking not only tires your feet but also leads to cracked heels. Beer helps to get rid of the upper layer of dead skin and even soften them. Just soak them feet in some beer mixed with warm water and voila!


5.) Beer Face Pack: Mix 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of almond oil, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 egg white, and add a tablespoon of beer to the mixture and blend well. The beer will clean, soften and maintain the pH balance of the skin, egg whites will tighten the pores and the skin, almond oil and olive oil will moisturise the skin and help to keep you looking young. Yogurt will help make skin soft and keep it hydrated. You can even squeeze in some lemon (not more than one teaspoon) to tackle hyperpigmentation and tanning.

Hope This helps 🙂 Until next time Cya 🙂

Image Source:- 1, 2,3,4


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