SaND For Soapaholics ‘Oh Curcumal’ Facial Cleanser Review

Hey Everyone, I am back home after a really long trip which has practically taken a toll on my skin. My face seems a bit dull and lifeless so I decided to try a face cleanser that I got in my FAB BAG. I started my pampering with a Face Cleanser which is a handmade cleanser with all natural ingredients.It is Oh Curcumal Face Cleanser fromSaND For Soapaholics. This is the first time I am using a product from this brand. 


About SaND For Soapaholics : SaND for Soapaholics‘ was born in August 2014. And now, all these years of painstaking research are available to you! Their range of products include natural artisan soaps, moisturizers, body creams, shampoos, conditioners etc. Inspired by traditional Indian home remedies for skin care, our creations contain ingredients like fresh ground nuts, fresh turmeric (ambe haldi), finger millet (ragi), gram flour (besan) and several other such skin-friendly ingredients available in most Indian kitchens and gardens. These ingredients are then blended with essential oils and exotic infusions such as goat milk, buttermilk, saffron infused water etc.
INR 500 for 100 grams. Available in from their outlet at Garuda Mall,Bangalore and from their  online store
Every 10gm contains Vegetable Glycerine (30.28%), Chanaka (Cicer arietinum) (28.28%), Kaolin (21.21%), Haridra (Curcuma Longa) (7.07%), Kumari (Aloe vera) (7.07%), Madhu (Honey) (3.54%), Ess.Oil blend of Nimbuka (Citrus medica), Kajuput (Melaleuca leucadendron) & Draksha (Vitis vinifera) (1.70%), Oil of Haridra (Curcuma longa) (0.85%)
A powerful combination of turmeric and besan that prevents breakouts.Cultivated from the fields of Southern India, our Wild Turmeric Blended into our earthy Gram Flour creates a cleanser for all complexions. To enhance the strength and scent of the cleanser we added our Grapefruit Essential Oil. This oil is delicately distilled over a wood fire from Grapefruit that is cultivated from our towering 40 feet trees. As if it wasn’t enough, we threw in the plant of immunity, Aloe Vera, for good measure! See that uneven tan fade away, as tranquility sinks in.
My Experince
Those who love using organic products like me will absolutely adore this Oh Curcumal Cleanser,as it is made from 100 % organic ingredients like Turmeric,gram flour,aloe vera,grapefruit essential oil.For using this I take a little amount of this and mix it with rose water and apply on to my wet face and massage gently with finger tips and wash it off.I could see a great result in first use itself.It instantly brightens up  tired and dull face and also imparts a healthy glow to my face.This cleanser also contains some granular particles which helps in scrubbing the dead cells off from the skin.Those who like Lush products will love using SaND For Shopaholics products.This Cleanser is meant for normal -oily skin and my skin being combination,it suited me well and it cleansed the face thoroughly.One of the great products from the brand and I will definitely recommend this to all.
SaND For Soapaholics 'Oh Curcumal' Facial Cleanser Review

SaND For Soapaholics ‘Oh Curcumal’ Facial Cleanser Review



the good
  1. Made from organic ingredients
  2. No harmful parabens or chemicals
  3. Easy to use
  4. Cleanses the skin effectively
  5. Instantly brightens up the face
  6. Gives a nice glow to the face
  7. Contains the goodness of Turmeric,besan,grapeseed oil, Aloe Vera
  8. No animal testing
  9. It may help in skin lightening too on continuous usage
  10. Affordable price

the bad

  1.  Limited Availability
  2. Tub packaging,a bit unhygienic to use
  3. Difficult to use during travelling


My Rating

It is a great everyday cleanser which is made of 100% natural ingredients, cleanses the skin thoroughly giving a nice healthy glow to the face with out any side effects.Definitely worth trying!!!


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