How To Save Dried Gel Eyeliner

I have found a very effective way to save my gel liners even when I don’t have a product like Inglot Duraline or some other mixing medium.  Many of us I am sure already have the one thing needed to do this at home or it is easily available anywhere.  I have been using gel liners a lot these days. My absolute favorite has to be the Maybelline Gel Liner! But I have a few colors from Lakme, sometimes I find it hard to differentiate between the two once I have applied them.

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Anyway, I have noticed that some of the colors from Lakme were very dried up or were drying up with use, even the Maybelline gel liner is prone to dryness if left open for long. Sometimes, when I do elaborate eyeliner looks, my gel liner pot stays open in my hand for long and that can cause it to dry. I read a lot online and saw many videos regarding using heat to “melt” the product, but that seemed time consuming and very temporary. Also, the idea of using heat on makeup repeatedly just doesn’t sound that appealing to me, in case the chemical composition ends up breaking up or something. I can be paranoid about my makeup! So, I thought of trying a method that theoretically made sense to me, I just had to be bold enough to t it – using baby oil and I am happy to say that it worked like a charm!


This is how dry my ELF Cream Liner – Midnight had become, almost a solid to touch and swatching it with a brush caused those flakes you can see in the following image. It was getting near impossible to use it and it is such a pretty color that I did not want to toss it. If you notice on the sides, the product had become so dry that it seized up upon itself, as in the product was not touching the sides any more. It just made a lump in the middle.

The process to make it creamy once again is very simple:

  • Being cautious, I just added a drop of baby oil.

  • I then made a few holes in the gel with a safety pin.  I first washed the needle and held it over a flame to ensure it was clean.  Once it was cool to touch, I used it to make the holes.

  • Within a few seconds, the oil just sunk in those dry-patched holes!


I took the brush that comes with these ELF liners and picked up some color from the surface and swatched it beside the dry gel swatch. You can surely see below that it became nice and creamy and not at all oily as I was worrying it might become oily.


Now, that I realized oil won’t harm this gel, I cracked the gel liner right in the middle and added about 3 more drops of baby oil and with the needle, I mixed it all up till it had the consistency of a smooth cream.

Gel-Liner-06 (1)


The swatch now was far creamier from before. With the 3 swatches side by side, I hope you can make out how helpful a few drops of baby oil have been to the dry gel.


Now. I love using this even more.  I had done this almost 10 days back and it is still creamy. I am so glad I could save one of my best colors with such a simple technique! I love the blue of this gel, it’s not a sharp, “in your face” kind of blue, but it gets highlighted nicely when you pair it with colors that compliment blue. Anyway, I am sure this technique would work with any color.

My biggest fear before I tried this method was that I was using oil, who wants a slick, oily, drippy liner on the lids! It would spoil not only the product but the eye makeup! But surprisingly the dry gel, just drinks up the oil and the texture left is creamy and not at all oily. This was surely a worth-it try and I hope it helps you too.

So, how do you girls fix your dry liners? Would love to hear more ideas!



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