Permanent Laser Hair Removal + My Experience/ Tips & Myths

There is a lot of mystery and doubts surrounding laser hair removal treatment and today in this post, I would make an effort to clear apprehensions and doubts that people have regarding laser hair removal treatment.  I have personally undergone the treatment and I find that it is the best way to get rid of hair permanently.  Please read through to find out about the process through my perspective.


What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure for a permanent reduction of facial and body hair. This procedure does not require any anaesthesia. The laser will effectively treat all hair types and complexion ranges including tanned and fair skin. The laser is so precise in targeting hair, that you can have hair removed from all parts of the body with minimal discomfort and treatment time.

Types of Lasers Used (info from wikipedia):

  • Argon: 488 nm (Turquoise/Cyan) or 514.5 nm (Cyan) (no longer used for hair removal).
  • Ruby laser: 694.3 nm (Deep Red) (no longer used for hair removal; only safe for patients with very pale skin).
  • Pulsed diode array: 810 nm (Near-Infrared) (for pale to medium type skin).
  • Nd:YAG laser: 1064 nm (Near-Infrared) (made for treating darker skin types, though effective on all skin types).

Laser Treatment versus Electrolysis:

Electrolysis hair removal method involves a process where through a needle-shaped electrode electricity is passed into each hair follicle wherein the growth of the hair from its root is destroyed, so that the hair no longer grows from that particular follicle anymore.  Multiple sessions are required in electrolysis process, almost double and triple the sessions that is required for laser hair treatment.  Electrolysis scores over laser treatment in the aspect that the hair removal is almost permanent because the hair follicles are targeted and destroyed.  In laser therapy, the dark hair pigment is targeted and that’s why people with light hair growth wouldn’t find it very beneficial.  Laser therapy is almost painless whereas electrolysis process does involve some stinging and pricking sensations and people with low pain thresholds will find it a very painful process. Electrolysis also can leave scars behind.


Last month my dermatologist asked me if I’d like to try one of their Laser Hair Reduction routines. I was very unsure about the laser but I got brave and said yes. 😛 I decided to go for 4-6 sessions of underarm hair removal. I have done only one yet. There is one session every month so I still have a few months to go through the complete process.

Preparation :
I was asked not to shave or wax at least 3-4 days before the laser treatment. Very difficult. But I did it. HEHE 😛

On the day of the session: 

I met Dr Shikha and actually loaded her with a lot of questions. Some were my personal queries and some questions were general.  Following are the questions I asked before my session started. If you have any queries related to laser hair reduction, you may post them the in the comments below. 

  • Can anybody get laser hair reduction done?

Dr S : Yes anyone except people who have pacemakers.

  • Is laser safe? Does it have any side effects?

Dr S: It is 100% safe. There are no side effects. The laser beam goes only till the level of the hair roots, which is very superficial.

  • Is laser hair reduction painful?

Dr S : At Kaya SKin CLinic we have two kind of laser machines. Diode : It only gives a warm sensation to the skin. it is very effective on those who have soft hair. It also works well for facial hair. Nd Yag : This one can be painful. This works great on coarse hair. ( I got this one done)

  • What should one expect after a laser hair reduction?

Dr S : A lot of people come with unrealistic goals such as the hair would not grow back or the hair would be removed completely. It depends from person to person. Hair growth is a natural process but with laser hair reduction your hair growth would reduce by 70-90% in 4-6 sessions.  After 6 months you would also have to have maintenance sessions. Laser hair reduction would not only take care of your in growth hair but would also save you from the hassle of waxing or shaving.

My Experince

After being completely satisfied with my queries, I was taken to the treatment room. This is the laser machine.


Since I was going for a painful laser treatment, I was asked to inform Deepika (the girl who did my treatment) about any discomforts I may feel during the session. Laser is done in a cold environment so as to prevent any sweating during the treatment. I changed, wore laser protective glasses and lied down for the session to start. Phew!

During the session :

Deepika first shaved off any unwanted hair on my underarm, applied cold numbing gel and started treatment. What laser does is basically burn the roots of the hair. At some places it got really painful and I took my few seconds breaks during the session. The session got over within 30 minutes for one arm. And the second arm just flew by within 20 minutes of so. 😉


The pain was all worth it. I suddenly felt free and light and happy. I mean no waxing nothing. You know when Anushka Sharma says ‘ go sleeveless on him’, that’s how I felt. 😀No deodorant can give you that freedom, it’s only laser that gives you that amazing sense of freeness. I had to follow up the treatment with the post laser cream for 5 days. I was also told that I would see some tiny hair coming back after 2 days but in my case, they din’t . 😛 It’s been almost a month and I have to go for my next session soon. I have literally won sleeveless almost every other day since I have got this done. It’s been almost 18-19 days since my treatment and I barely have 5-7 tiny hair , which have grown back. You can’t even see them from from distance. My skin is baby soft. Laser is almost like life changing experience for me. I am sooo glad I got a chance to try it out. All actresses get laser done.  secret

I am so kicked about getting my arms and legs also done. It’s just Amazing!!!

There are some offers going on at the moment. I very highly recommend you to try them.

  • Under-arms hair-free session trial at the cost of waxing (at Rs. 85)
  • Upgrade to Underarm hair-free package (6 sessions) at 48% off (Rs. 7,999 instead of Rs. 15300).

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Thats it guys, hope you find this useful 🙂


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