Meet the Blogger – Melina

Chanelle Featured me on her blog 🙂 My Interview ❤

Chanelle Hayley

MelinaHi everyone, I am Melina the girl behind MacElina which is a fashion and beauty blog. I am 20 years old and have an Engineering Degree in Information Technology. I started this blog as a fun/passionate getaway for me to express my love for ‘all things that keep me happy’ which apparently is the tagline of my blog :). I have an older brother who currently lives in California. He too is an IT professional.

1. When did you begin blogging?

I began blogging in April 2015, I used to write for another blog where I would fetch $5 per post. This inspired me to make my own blog to meet people just like me. I love writing stuff of my own.

2. How did you decide on a name for your blog?

MacElina was first coined by my older brother when I was really small (we have an age gap of 11 years)…

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