Common Myths About Makeup/Skincare

Okay so the other day I was at my aunt’s place who happened to check out my blog and all my reviews and stuffs, she was shocked at the amount of products I use and test out. She asked me if I want to spoil my skin and look older than I am. I was surprised with this misconception she had and I bet many other people out there have misconceptions about makeup/skincare. So here I am putting forward some common myths that I am well aware of ever since I started this blog.


Post Inspiration :- and my aunt πŸ˜›


  1. Makeup Causes skin darkening/wrinkles

Fact No it does not cause skin darkening unless the product is not suitable for your skin type or skin shade. If you do not choose the right makeup shade you may end up looking older than you are.Wrinkles can be accentuated by makeup which make your face look cakey and are way lighter than your skin tone.

  1. Makeup Causes Acne

Fact: Probably not. There is no research indicating that makeup or skincare products cause acne, and there is no consensus on which ingredients are problematic.

  1. If a company says a product works, it does

Fact: In the world of skin care, there is an entire business known as claim substantiation, and it definitely does not equate to legitimate scientific research at all.Everyone is born with different skin & skin types, if a product works for me , it may not work for you and vice versa.


  1. Everyone needs an eye cream

Fact: There is no evidence, research, or documentation validating the claim that the eye area needs ingredients different from those you use on your face or neck area or decolletage.

  1. Expensive Cosmetics are better than inexpensive ones.

Fact: The absolute truth is that there are good and bad products in all price categories. It’s all about the formulation, not the price.The amount of money you spend on skincare products has nothing to do with the quality or uniqueness of the formula.But yes expensive brands occasionally claim to be SLS & Paraben free which could be unique.


  1. Mineral Oil is the most harmful skin care product.

Fact: This recurring, foolish, misinformation about mineral oil and petrolatum is maddening because it isn’t accurate.Although mineral oil does originate from crude oil, this oil is as natural as any other earth-derived substance. Moreover, lots of ingredients are derived from awful-sounding sources, but are nevertheless benign and totally safe. Salt is a perfect example. Common table salt is sodium chloride, composed of sodium and chloride, but salt doesn’t have the caustic properties of chloride (a form of chlorine) or the unstable explosiveness of pure sodium. Mineral oil is actually a great ingredient for dry skin.


  1. Use Products you like, regardless of what they contain.Β 

Fact: Lots of people have problems with their skin because they often like what isn’t good for skin.For example, you may like getting a tan, but that can cause skin cancer and most certainly will cause wrinkles and skin discolorations.

  1. Your skin adapts to the product you are using and then stops working.Β 

Fact: Skin doesn’t adapt to skincare products any more than your body adapts to a healthy diet.If spinach and grapes are healthy for you they are always healthy, and they continue to be healthy, even if you eat them every day. The same is true for your skin, as long as you are applying what is healthy for skin (and avoiding negative external sources such as unprotected sun exposure) it remains healthy. You may see skin stop improving as much as it initially did, but that stands to reason: If you were using products with irritating or drying ingredients and then switch to brilliantly-formulated products, your initial improvement is going to be much more impressive than what you’ll see months later, when skin is maintaining its new-found healthy, younger appearance.

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