Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush : Review

Last in the series of Colorbar Face brush reviews is the Foundation brush. After the disappointing Blush brush, Powder brush and Contouring brush, the foundation brush is a bit of a relief with its non-scratchy bristles! But its not perfect either, read on why..

Price : Rs 475



The foundation brush has the same general make up as the other face brushes – the stout white stem with the black ferrule. But the bristles are  a soft orangey yellow here instead of the scratchy fuchsia ones of the other brushes. The bristles are thankfully non-scratchy and fairly soft and smooth against the skin.


The brush is tapered in shape and flat in profile. The taper makes it easier to reach corners of the nose, temples etc. It doesn’t ‘drink’ up foundation like some brushes do leading to wastage. It does a fairly okay job of blending but the finish it gives is not completely streak-free. One would need to go back in with the fingers or a sponge to get a perfectly even finish. The bristles are slightly longer and the brush head flatter than my favorite  Inglot 21T foundation brush. The Inglot one does a better job compared to the Colorbar one because the bristles are more densely packed and hence don’t leaves streaks on blending foundation. The Inglot foundation is more expensive too. The good thing about the foundation brush is that it does not shed on washing and dries very quickly too. Overall, much better quality as far as bristles are concerned compared to the other face brushes but the shape/density of the brush could have been better.


The GOOD about Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush : 

  1. Attractive packaging
  2. Doesn’t shed on washing
  3. Soft, non-scratchy bristles
  4. Tapered shape, helps in reaching tight spots and corners
  5. Doesn’t drink up foundation
  6. Easy to wash

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush :

  1. Doesn’t give a very even, streak-free finish
  2. Could have been denser for better blending

Overall Verdict

The Colorbar foundation brush was quite an improvement over the blush, powder and contouring brush. The synthetic orangey yellow bristles are smooth and soft against the skin and the brush doesn’t shed on washing. It doesn’t drink up foundation thus reducing product wastage and the tapered shape is ideal for reaching tight spots. The only major drawback is that its not dense enough and hence give a slightly streaky finish. I generally need to go back with my fingers or a sponge to get an even finish while working with liquid foundations.

Rating : 3.5/5



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