Have A ‘Good Morning’ Everyday After Reading This Post :)

We all know how a wrong start to any day can ruin the entire day. We all have experienced bad mornings. In today’s post I would like to share a few tips and tricks on how to change your ‘good morning’ to a very “GOOOD MORNINGGGG ”


The ability to have a great morning starts before you ever get out of your bed. That may sound ridiculous but it is the absolute truth. The reason is really very simple. I know that if I do everything in my power to start my morning off right, I am 40% of the way towards having a fantastic day.

I have always thought of morning-time as the most sacred part of the day and maybe even a little transforming. When you think about it, mornings offer us the opportunity to begin afresh and anew – to accept all that a new day has to offer. Many people dread getting up in the morning but I’m just the opposite.

Through this post I am going to tell you how to have a great morning in 7 easy steps. My hope is that your great morning will lead to a fantastic day and amazing day.

So here are 7 steps I follow every morning even if its a holiday.

  1. Get up nice and early. Don’t wake up too early, but you should wake up early enough. Waking up by a blaring alarm is not so good. Try waking up to a calming sound instead.
  2. Take a quick shower if needed. If you are not confident and your hair is a mess, taking a quick morning shower is a good idea. A nice hot shower will make you feel energized and ready for the day.
  3. Turn on the radio or TV to hear some news, music and talk. Stay in tune with the world.
  4. Get fully dressed, no matter how tired you are. Wear proper clothing, not house rags or pajamas–even if you’re not going anywhere. Wear a nice shirt with little or no stains. Wear nice presentable slacks. When you get dressed, you become more awake.
  5. Have a healthy and filling breakfast. A Coke or a cup of coffee doesn’t count. You need to actually eat breakfast. You should have a breakfast with good proteins and vitamins. If you have enough time, pop a piece of toast in the toaster and prepare and eat two eggs–or 3 egg whites (no cholesterol)–with your breakfast.
    • You might like a quick breakfast protein -bar or a breakfast protein-shake with some fruit or powder.
    • Oatmeal or cereal are good breakfast choices as well.
    • Never skip breakfast no matter what.
  6. Brush your teeth after you eat breakfast. Brush your teeth thoroughly – not too quickly; so take your time on oral hygiene. You have all day to get your other stuff done.(You could try out the new Colgate 360* Charcoal Gold toothbrush for the best mouth cleaning effect. img-hero-gold
  7. Get your things together and go to school or work feeling satisfied, and ready for the a good, new day every day.

Note:- This post is an entry for the #Colgate360GoldMornings . If you guys are aware, Colgate has released a new toothbrush called “360* CharcoalGold”  which offers a gold standard whole mouth cleaning feature.

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