SugarBox July 2016 Fashion Forward Edition Review

Hi Everyone,

I so wanted to make a YouTube video on the latest SugarBox edition I received today.Sadly I have really bad tonsils since the past month and it will take another 1-2 months to heal completely. Hoping to get my voice back as soon as possible.


Anyways coming to today’s post I got my SugarBox a bit delayed unlike receiving it as usual on the last day of the month.

I really love getting Sugar-boxes and till now this is my third subscription box.I like how cutely they are packed and of course the cute things that come with it.

The products I received are :-

  1. Dress

The dress almost looks like a long cold shoulder top. Not sure of the material though. It has some awesome wordings as well.


  1. Pins

Some cool funky pins I could attach anywhere and everywhere.


  1. Pink Pie

Yummy pie like candy. Believe me it was tasting really good. Not forgetting the cute package.

  1. Backpack cum Sling bag

A white sling cum backpack. Has really pretty detailing on it.


  1. #Chic Happens tumbler

Something unique. Will carry this in my office.


  1. Choker

Let me admit, this is my first choker and I really love it.


  1. Travel sized lipsticks

The cutest product of them all were these travel sized lipsticks in 3 shades of orange, pink and red.


That’s All for this post. Hope you have a great day ahead.



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