Indian Christians -#MoreIndianThanYouThink

The patriotic buzz of #UninstallSnapchat and #BoycottSnapchat and the united efforts of my fellow Indians that lead to many netizens uninstalling Snapdeal app instead, for no fault of its own has lead me to believe that we Indians are so united whether it is for the right reason or for the most lame reason, our patriotism (by patriotism here I mean it virtually, just like any trending twitter topic) towards our country will flourish and break apart even the most powerful force(by force here I mean the โ€œallegedlyโ€ word thatโ€™s barely visible to our naked eyes). All this unity was so overwhelming to catch up with on an Easter Sunday holiday. Well we Indians do leave a great impact globally. Here’s a TV commercial by #Lufthansa which depicts this kind of global influence.

Anyways getting back to today’s post, I wanted to let you guys know the stereotypes I come across by being an Indian Christian living in India where majority of the country is Hindu.

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