Beauty Stuffs/DIY You Should Not Follow or Try at Home

Okay so there’s a bunch load of crap out there on Internet suggesting remedies for the various problems you suffer from. I am not saying they are all bull,but sometimes some of them do not make sense as per researches on the web.Using stuffs found in your home as makeup alternatives can be a very bad idea, there is a reason why cosmetics are cosmetics serving Β their purpose in their own way. So here is a compilation of things I found which would do you more harm than good.

  • Oreo Mascara

oreo mascara ? eww

oreo mascara ? eww

While catching on some YouTube buzz, I discovered a video where a beauty guru innovated the so called “Oreo Mascara” and spent around $30+ on a Smashbox primer to mix it in, I mean seriously mascaras are cheap,why would you be spending double money and make something that won’t even work(i mean how can that sugary stuff work ?) This idea is totally misleading(as per some critics). Oreo cookies are dark brown in color and may not be the best mascara, also sugar in them can cause some serious eye infections.

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