Oriflame The One-Lip Spa Care Lip Balm

Hey everyone, recently I received a few products by Oriflame. I was thrilled to get them since this is absolutely the first time I got to try products from this brand. The products I received are daily use products like a roll on, rose water mist and a neem soap. Reviews coming up soon, just hoping the time fairy grants me my wish of.  abundant time to keep blogging. So let me review this cutely packaged lip balm in shade Natural Pink.I guess there is another shade called Neutral. Not a great fan of neutral shades though.


Price:- Rs 299 for a teeny meany twist up lip balm.

Packaging :

The lip balm comes in a sleek white color tube which, when twisted from the bottom shows the lip balm shade. You need to apply it in the regular style like a lipstick.

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Hauling ….Free Products

Hey peeps,

So the past few days/weeks have been a roller coaster ride ,with me still trying to build up my job profile that will do justice to the 4 glorious years I spent doing engineering. Sigh ! Getting on with today’s happy post, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a recent campaign and they sent me way too many  beauty products. Happy Dance But the sad part still remains , I can barely make use of a product more than once. In fact I even forget that I have these products until the need to toss them out comes due to its expiry…


I will be reviewing each and every product sooner or later so stay tuned…

Also do let me know if any product requires an urgent review,till then have a great day 🙂

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Fab Bag April 2016 Review

Hey guys, its been months since I haven’t been getting my fab bag at the start of each month unlike before.It began coming on the last week of every month which is what frustrated me and I stopped subscribing to them after that.But this month was different as I received my Fag Bag for free for reviewing purpose.
Read on to know my opinion about this month’s bag even though its already mid of the month and you must be aware of the products that have been sent to other bloggers and subscribers alike.For detailed product reviews do comment below.


This month’s theme is “its a spring thing” and I did not find anything in the bag that was related to spring :p.
The bag is a pretty pink bag having some kind of texture pattern on it.It looks and feels pretty strong compared to the previous bags I have received.Anyways moving on to the products I got.

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Sephora Mumbai Haul and Experience-A huge Disappointment :(

Hey, everyone,  I decided to finally visit the newly launched Sephora store in Mumbai. It opened on the 29th of January 2016 and if I am not wrong they have 3 other stores already opened in major cities like Pune, Delhi,Bangalore etc. Before leaving home I was more than excited and thrilled to finally visit the store I used to always stalk online aspiring that someday I could lay my hands on their exclusive range of cosmetics and all things beauty !! Sadly this excitement was short lived until I arrived at the store.


The ONLY pic of the store 😦

Being a beauty blogger I am quite aware of the brands I wish to try out as well the brands that are exclusive at Sephora stores. I am also aware of the functionalities of the products I see unless they are newly launched.But everything at the store got me feeling really annoyed and I could not wait to get out of there. This feeling normally never pops up to me especially when I am shopping. But I guess it was a sign from GOD that I shouldn’t be spending more money than I actually earn :P.(JK:- I earn fair enough )..Moving on to my detailed experience and what got me annoyed.

1)Empty Shelves:-The moment I entered the store I witnessed this vibe that kind of crushed my excitement. I saw way too many empty shelves and panicked because everything I heard about Sephora India stores were coming true(ie. Products always out of stock and empty shelves). I had a list of products I wished to buy and to my disappointment,  I could not get anything on that list.Additionally, the store had just testers of the products and it was very painful to hear this statement-“Sorry Ma’am this product is currently out of stock“. I so wanted those NYX Matte Lip Cremes, everyone, raves about. But I ended just testing out the all the shades. Also when it came to Benefit Cosmetics, they didn’t have the full-size products. I normally opt for full size because it’s works out cheaper and even better when you have tested the product and find it worth the hype. Sadly I couldn’t buy anything as all trial versions were available which were not worth the price tag. For eg. INR 950 for a trial size and some INR 2800 for a full size(I don’t remember exactly).

2)Nagging Sale Assistants:- Okay so this situation is a common thing in India. But I particularly noticed Sephora India has damn annoyinngggggg SA’s.There was this guy who knew nada(I’m guessing) about cosmetics and the art of buying them peacefully, maybe alone with my own mind at work. But no, he kept following me around suggesting me products that are not even on my mind. I mean common if I wanted it I would pick it up right away. Also, he would bluff about the working of the products.For once in my life, I was glad I am into blogging. I pity the others though. 😦 .

The typical scene when I caught him bluffing(Lets have some fun together :P)

I was just walking by the perfume aisle when Marc Jacob Daisy Perfume caught my attention. I just stopped and looked at it because I recently purchased the same at another store.And all the chap said was-“This is a Sephora Exclusive perfume not available anywhere else in India”.All the other SA’s began to laugh and repeated his statement in Hindi asking him why he is lying.I felt embarrassed at that time and silently walked away.

Ps:-I have no hard feelings against this guy and no I don’t know him personally.Also, the female SA’s were of no help because they knew nothing either apart from nagging you to make unnecessary purchases.

3)Products way costlier:- The same products can be bought at a cheaper price abroad. I don’t understand how the products ended up being costlier than the amount I would normally pay in the US. Maybe it’s the customs and stuff.

4)Dried out testers:-Another major con at the store. Shouldn’t they be replaced timely? Wait a minute, the products are anyways out of stock so what’s the use of testing. Damn !!

5)No Photography inside the store:- Why do some Indian stores make stupid rules. I mean the whole world clicks pics inside the store. I do understand the bar code can be replicated as a result of photography, but I feel a warning sign would be better rather than SA’s who finally get their chance of being rude with customers.

6)Many brands missing:- There was no BeautyBlender, Face Shop, Urban Decay and many more brands much awaited for.

Ultimately I ended up buying just 2 products because I may visit the store sometime later when I am strong enough to witness the same situation all over again. Hopefully, things change.


The products:-

1)Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water -INR 560 for 50 ml.

2)Sephora Soft Touch Cotton pads-INR 230 for 70 pads.

Maybelline Color Show Creamy Matte in Rock The Coral(M103) Review/Swatches

Hey Everyone , So some while ago I reviewed a lipstick(POP OF PINK(M102)) from the Creamy Matte range by Maybelline and I am so in love with their lipsticks. A true moisturizing matte is every girls dream. So I could not resist from picking up a few more in the range. I picked up 2 shades pretty much alike. But Today I will be reviewing Rock The Coral which is a pretty cool toned coral shade. In love with all things coral 🙂 I absolutely love the shade! So, without any delay let’s move on and see how this one is in my favorites.


Price of Maybelline Color Show Creamy Matte Lip Color Rock The Coral : Rs.325/- for 3.9 grams

Directions to Use : Apply directly using the bullet or with a lipstick brush for perfect application.


Ingredients :  Mentioned on the outer packaging of lipstick

Shelf Life : 3 years

Color : Peachy coral shade with a cool to neutral undertone


Smell : Mild fruity smell

What Maybelline Color Show Creamy Matte Lip Color Rock The Coral claims

  • Lipsticks with the most stunning hues of red, pink, brown and mauve
  • A range of shades which have the right amount of moisture, a sweet fragrance and stay true without drying up your lips
  • The lipsticks have a non sticky, soft texture and hence are easy to glide

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Maybelline White SuperFresh Compact Powder Review

hey lovelies, I recently stocked up on loads of cosmetics(haul post coming soon). I tried out this newly launched compact powder by Maybelline and here is my review for the same. I cannot ever complete my makeup without a compact. It’s like a basic necessity for me even on days when I don’t do much makeup but like looking fresh with a dab of moisturizer and compact.  Maybelline is one brand in India that is doing extremely well when it comes to affordable cosmetics. I began with Maybelline as starters till I reached M.A.C 🙂


Maybelline White SuperFresh Compact Powder

Shade:-  I got the shade Pearl. Available in 3 shades for your skin tone: Pearl (Light to Medium), Shell (Medium) & Coral (Medium to Dark).

Price:- Rs 150 for 8 grams. Buy HERE.


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Review & Swatches -Faces Ultime Pro Starry Matte Lip Crayon in Lasting Kiss(06)

Hey Everyone, First off wishing everyone a Happy Diwali. So this time I did not burn money on crackers rather I spent it on buying cosmetics 😛 HAHA fair deal right ? Recently I stumbled upon the new Faces Ultime Pro Lip Crayons and picked up 2 of them. i picked up shades – Smokin’ Hot(11) & Lasting kiss(06). They are 2 variants in the range- Starry Matte & Matte. Starry Matte consists of four shades namely- Lasting Kiss, Obsession, Sugar Coated & Hot Wired. In the Matte range they have 6 shades. I decided to choose one from each range.After using these crayons I feel FACES is one of the most under rated brands in India.For the first time India we have matte crayons with shimmer. Read on…

Price:- Rs 799 for 2.8 grams. Buy HERE.

Shelf Life:36 months

Both the shades with free sharpeners

Both the shades with free sharpeners

Description(From website):- 

A collection of lip crayons featuring timeless matte shades with superior color pigment & hydration.From beautiful nudes to striking reds to shades of pinks and corals there’s a shade for everyone.Dresses up lips in statement shades in matte finish with rich, color-bright pigments, while being super comfortable on lips. 6 sizzling sensual shades. The colors are inspired from international fashion trends.These lip colors exude ultimate feminine strength and glamourous style.

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